Agroblu was founded in Italy in 1993 to implement the new registration requirements relating to new active ingredients and the revision of existing ones in Europe, in compliance with the European Directive 91/414 EEC.

In order to offer its services in the main Mediterranean countries and on all the Mediterranean crops and crop produce, Agroblu started to extend its operating range. Therefore, in 1995 two new operating units were founded in Italy at Verona and Teramo, covering the Veneto/Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo/Marche regions, respectively.

In 1997 a new Agroblu Facility was started at Thessaloniki in Greece, its activity covering most of Greece and its crops. In the same year, a new Italian operating unit of Agroblu was started at Fondi, in the Lazio region. In 1998 Agroblu opened a new operating unit at Catania in Sicily; Agroblu was then located to be able to work in all Italian crops and geographic areas.